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B&H Your Community Grocer is Kemptville, Ontario’s only truly independent grocery store. We specialize in fresh local produce, meat and dairy products. We also prepare a variety of fresh products in store daily, such as bakery goods, specialty meats and ready-made meals.

Our roots in Kemptville and the surrounding area run deep. B&H Foodliner opened in Kemptville in 1963, and a sister store was opened in Osgoode a few years later. While both stores operated under several franchise names throughout the years, the stores remained devoted to community engagement and supporting various local events and causes.

After the family sold Beveridge’s IGA in Osgoode in 2005, B&H Foodliner IGA rebranded itself as B&H Your Community Grocer. We became Kemptville’s only truly independent grocery store, meaning we have no ties to any of Canada’s major grocery chains. While several additions have been made, we still occupy the same building in Old Town Kemptville.

B&H Your Community Grocer will continue to provide the Kemptville community with fresh quality foods at great prices, and to support local events and causes that will help develop and grow the area into a destination with something for people of all walks of life to enjoy.